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alexander nikolaev

video mapping and live visuals

department for real time vide0 entertainment and education

“We solve the ubiquitous problem of unavailable space by creating virtual places of refuge for fantasy and illusion. The boundaries you must cross to enter exist only in your mind. And 90% of all cartographers agree – that these borders are rather arbitrarily. Your companion is the visual craftsman Alexander Nikolaev, and at the end of the journey, we are what we were at the beginning – stardust.”

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alexander nikolaev

visual craftsman and artist

welcome to the world of my visual craft and art, where you are invited to escape for bit into a space beyond the space – normally only reachable in you imagination. As a visual artist, I blend live visuals, traditional painting, video, photography, generative art, physical objects and video mapping to transform live performances in a complete experience.

The focus always remains on the piece I’m crafting the visual experience for. Be it music, theatre piece or a specific mood I try to capture. The visuals are and additive to the the rest, they enhance an elevate but keep the focus on the subject. It’s a collaborative art form for me. And collaboration is about creating a harmony where everything blends together.

Additionally, I offer graphic design and photography services. Be it stand alone or to support the productions with posters, flyers and event documentation, enriching the overall experience with a cohesive visual narrative.

Join me on this journey through dust and light, exploring the hidden and sublime and crafting atmospheres that linger long after the final note fades and the curtain fall.

“i love working with other artist and help them make their concepts visible “

but if you have a wedding or a funeral and would like some mapping and visuals, I’m always interested in trying out new things


visuals, projection mapping, stage design and light concept for theater productions. Transforming performances into immersive experiences. Enhancing the atmosphere, weaving light and imagery into the narrative to elevate the storytelling.


visuals, projection mapping and light concepts for concerts. Amplifying the energy of live performances by creating visual spaces beyond the stage – while the music always stay in focus.

Clubs Parties Festivals

visuals, projection mapping and lights for clubs, festivals, and parties. Making the air pulsate to the beat and add some visual highlights for imagination to grab on. But before all – I like it dark.

Live Painting

a project that combines traditional live painting with projection mapping and visuals, creating a unique. This dynamic installation can be interactive and collaborative, inviting audience participation – anyone can paint.

Graphic Design and Illustration

graphic design and traditional illustration services. My work includes creating posters, flyers, cd covers, custom artwork to complement any project and more. These designs add a cohesive and visually engaging element to your creative endeavors.


event photography. capturing the essence and excitement of every moment. With a keen eye for detail and composition, I create vibrant images that tell the story of your event. From concerts to festivals, my photography adds depth and emotion to memories and makes visitors want to come back.

examples of my work

some of my favorite projects

Tamburi Mundi

live visuals

Live visuals and content for international percussion Festival “Tamburi Mundi”

Die Physiker

stage design, mapping and visuals

Stage design, projection mapping, content and additional light design for the theater production “Die Physiker”

Freddy und Molly

illustrations and visuals

Illustrations, visuals and additional print content for children musical theater “Freddy und Molly”

United for Help

visuals with live painting

Collaboration with Michael Lerche on live painting visuals for Beneficence “United for Help”

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