personal art projects – live animation, selfportraits

selection of my artistic personal projects

personal projects

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visual experiment

live animation setup

touchdesigner, python and some bash scripting

I have always been captivated by the idea of drawing to music. However, while music is dynamic and ever-evolving, traditional drawings remain static. And sure with some effects magic one can make traditional drawings sync with music but maybe there is more?

A setup that allows me to create frame-by-frame animations on the spot and integrate them directly into a live visuals workflow. Using touchdesigner for processing and photoshop for drawing, this system enables real-time animation synchronized with the music and is integrated into my vjing and live painting setup.

While still highly experimental – I’m interested in exploring it more in concerts, theater productions or club environments. If you are interested in exploring this innovative setup and seeing how it can enhance your event or project, please drop me a line.

live animation setup - touchdesigner
drawing intervention - portrait

ongoing – drawing performance

drawing intervention

piece of paper, pencil and another human

“- Teach me to dance. Will you?

– Dance?! Did you say Dance!!? Come on my boy!”

Zorba the greek, final scene.

“Drawing Intervention”—a performance designed to bring art directly to people, transforming them from passive consumers into active participants. This project centers around one of my favorite artistic activities: drawing self-portraits. Through this experience, I aim to share the joy of creating art and dispel the anxieties instilled in many by formal education. I firmly believe that everyone can draw (actually that’s a fact – 100% of cartographer agree) and I want to help others to discover their creative potential or just escape their own routine for a moment.

In “Drawing Intervention,” I meet strangers where they are: at parties, clubs, festivals, art fairs, parks or streets. I invite them to join me in drawing portraits with some changing sets of rules. Each session is unique and flexible, adapting to the moment and the participants.

If you see me on the street drawing with random people, just join in. Also if you have an event you would like people to engage in some creativity – contact me.

drawing introspection

daily self-portrait series

scetchblock, mirror, mixed media and my self

My ongoing personal projects is a daily self-portrait routine, where I strive to draw a self-portrait every day (more or less constantly over the last several years). This practice serves as both self-reflection and a way to get creativity going. It’s a bit egocentric and validation-seeking, maybe just glorified form of a selfie (next project will be drawing my food)— in other words very human.

gapbetweenus - self portrait

where I feel home

drawing, painting

mixed media

I think it all started with my father drawing toys and games for me, then I remember watching some anime and discovering that there is a world beyond the flat surface of paper. For me, art is means of communication without words. With my self but also with you. When I draw, my mind clears, and I am fully present in the moment. It’s a meditation and therapy (not a medical advice!).

low budget video production

music videos

camera, musician and light

Good music speaks for itself and what people actually want to see is the musician performing, their expressions and their emotions. I’m just there to set the stage for and put the spotlight on the music. By keeping the production simple, I ensure that the essence of the music and the artist’s presence are front and center. This minimalist style not only highlights the musicians but also creates an intimate and authentic connection with the audience.

If you are a musician and are interested in collaboration in this direction, get in touch.