visuals, projection mapping, stage design for theater

video mapping, live visuals, content production, stage design

theater production

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Visuals, projection mapping, content, stage design and light concept (light operation for small scale productions) for theater. Working with different styles and techniques to fit the given production. Creating a space beyond the stage, where the story can unfold.

stage design, light design, mapping and visual content

Die Physiker

With: Cynthia Buchheim, Ines Burdow, Inga Dietrich, Chris Eckert, Melanie Seeland Regie: Jessica Weisskirchen Dramaturgie: Marie Senf Kostüme: Sophie Leypold Bühne/Video/Mapping: Alexander Nikolaew Sounddesign/ Ton: Jonas Albani Licht: Paul Klinder, Die Andere Welt Bühne (Berlin)

Stage design, video mapping, content production and additional light design for the theatre piece “The Physicists,” produced on the eerie grounds of an old atom bunker near Berlin at the onset of current Russian Ukrainian war. The main challenge was in seamlessly integrating new stage elements into an already complex and rather unusual stage setup.The visual goal was to amplify the impending sense of doom and the claustrophobic atmosphere of the bunker, while also allowing space for the absurdity and humor that punctuated the narrative.

Thematically aligned with the play’s exploration of the dangers posed by new technologies, early versions of generative AI (Disco Diffusion) were utilized to craft surreal and unsettling imagery. This (at that time) innovative approach not only highlighted the narrative’s central concerns of the danger of new technologies that can’t be escaped but also pushed the boundaries of traditional stagecraft.

visual reel from the premiere

die physiker stage design process
die physiker stage design process

stage design process

die physiker finished stage design

finished stage

die physiker stage elements concept

stage elements concept

freddy und molly illustration

visual reel

animated loop example

character concept/design, illustrations, animation , live-visuals performance

Freddy und Molly

Jutta Werbelow – Schauspiel, Schlagzeug, Gesang Rolf Breyer – Bass Oliver Kuka – Komposition, Arrangement, Gitarre Matthias Paul – Text, Regie, Schauspiel, Gesang Alexander Nikolaev – Illustrationen, Graphisches Design, Animation Miriam Lemdjadi – Theaterpädagogik und Diversität, Jutta Freimuth – Idee

Creating lively character designs and illustrations, crafting vibrant backgrounds, and transforming these elements into animated content that served as an engaging animated backdrop for the children’s musical play “Freddy and Molly,” a delightful journey of a young sheep named Freddy across various musical genres, accompanied by fun and teachable animal encounters.

The chosen style was light watercolour illustration, fitting the playful and whimsical theme of the production. This style added a gentle, dreamlike quality to the visuals. The animated content had to be simple enough to work on standard screens across various stage settings, ensuring consistency and visual appeal regardless of the venue, jet be engaging at the same time.

To address potential technical challenges, such as the flatness of projected images on a standard screen and the possibility of shadows cast by musicians due to uncertain projector placement, heavy shadows were introduced into the animation design. This technique added depth to the visuals and made the actors and animations blend more seamlessly together.

In addition to the animated backdrop, full printed brochure, poster, and several social media advertisement elements, including character icons were designed.

live drawing for a children musical play

Owl – live painting

Jutta Werbelow – Schauspiel, Schlagzeug, Gesang
Rolf Breyer – Bass Oliver Kuka – Komposition, Arrangement, Gitarre Matthias Paul – Text, Regie, Schauspiel, Gesang Alexander Nikolaev – Illustrationen, visuals, live painting

The children’s musical play centred around an owl, was am experimental journey to incorporate my live painting setup into the theater production. This innovative approach combined pre-made visual loops, pre-made cut-out real characters operated like traditional shadow puppetry, and live painting captured through a camera setup. The fusion of these elements aimed to create a more interactive and jazzy experience, enhancing the slightly chaotic and whimsical nature of the children’s play.


visual reel