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graphic design, illustration, webdesign


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print media and digital media

graphic design

Design is communication—a way to tell compelling stories and establish meaningful connections with consumers. But even more about communication with the client. The design process begins long before pen is put to paper and mouse to screen. It starts with a deep understanding of where the client is coming from, grasping their vision, their goals, and the unique needs of their brand and product.

  • print media design
  • web, social media and digital design
  • Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, Premiere, Aftereffects, Lightroom)
  • open source/free alternatives (GIMP, Inkscape Blender, Davinci Resolve)
  • WordPress webdesign
cd cover package design for ORO
cd cover package design for ORO

cd design, photography, logo design for ORO

cd and booklet design for Herzgespann

poster design for freddy an molly
illustration for freddy and molly

character design and general illustration


Light watercolor style that can combine traditional techniques with modern digital media.


Comprehensive web design services, specializing with WordPress. With a versatile skill set in various graphical tools, providing a complete pipeline of services, from video and photography to graphic design elements and illustration. This holistic approach ensures a cohesive and unified experience for clients.

webdesign for music band ORO
webdesign for music band ORO

website for the band ORO –